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Each And Every Child



At Rainbow Education Multi Academy Trust we ensure that each and every child no matter what their background or their circumstance reaches their potential and leaves us ready for the next stage of their life.

We are an innovative group of schools, aiming to provide an excellent education to children across the Mersey City Region. Children only get one chance to receive a good education, and we firmly believe that each and every child deserves the best possible education there is!

We seek to improve the life chances of all children that we serve. We ensure each and every child achieves their maximum potential and are fully prepared to access the next stage of their education. 

The vision of the trust is to ensure that each and every child no matter what their background or their circumstance reaches their potential and leaves us ready for the next stage of their life. 






Languages Spoken

What Makes us Special

Optional base Curriculum

At the Rainbow Education Multi-Academy Trust, we have developed a knowledge-rich curriculum which is ambitious for all. It has been designed to give all learners the knowledge and cultural capital required to succeed in life. Following the breadth of the National Curriculum (and Development Matters in EYFS), our curriculum is coherently sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and guide children towards our clearly defined end points. Our end points are the pieces of knowledge that we have determined as the most important knowledge that children need to know.

Church of England and Community Trust

The Rainbow Education Multi-Academy Trust is a Church of England Foundation Multi Academy Trust. What makes us special is that we welcome both faith and community schools into our family. What makes us distinctive is that, whilst we are driven by the same values and aims – excellence, endurance, friendship, wisdom and trust – each of our schools is able to maintain its own character. Church of England primary and secondary schools considering joining our academy are fully supported in maintaining their distinctive Christian ethos and community schools are able to keep their identity as non-faith schools. Just like the cord that Solomon refers to in Ecclesiastes 4: 12, our trust is made of different individual strands. Each has its own distinctive identity, but we support each other and are made stronger together.

Record of Strong Performance

Our performance is underpinned by a set of beliefs which are rooted in our outstanding classroom practice. The progress of each and every child is of utmost importance to us. We believe that: every lesson is a language lesson - we take every opportunity to develop the vocabulary of all of our children regardless of their age and stage; only with practice will our students achieve high levels in writing and wherever possible, we write meaningfully across the curriculum all children have the right to be fluent mathematicians with no child left behind - we follow a mastery approach to teaching mathematics in all of our schools in order for children to be truly creative, they must first follow a structure and be taught how to accomplish something; all children can achieve if limits aren’t placed on them; first-hand experience is essential - we seize every opportunity to provide our children with a wide range of experiences to enrich their lives we are a learning community that values action research - we look at what is best for our children in our environment, while also basing our methods on the most cutting-edge international pedagogical research all schools have strengths and are very eager to learn from good and outstanding schools to expand the MAT offer - we pay close attention to feedback in order to change our methods as needed to fit the context of the school all staff should be valued - we ‘grow our own’ where possible and prioritise a healthy work life balance; marking and planning should be meaningful and take place only if they enhance the child’s learning.

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