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Local Academy Councils

The Local Academy Council has delegated powers in order to oversee the running of the school, they may choose to delegate some of these powers to the Headteacher. At the local level, Local Academy Councils will serve as the single local advisory body squarely focused on providing insight into the experiences of pupils, parents, staff and the wider community. Comprised of parents, community members, staff, school leaders and a Trust link member, they will serve as a source of validation and (where necessary) modification of the Trust's understanding of the school's success in meeting the needs of its pupils and community. They will also serve as ambassadors of the school and the Trust to the parents and community.

Our governance framework and the actions of our Local Academy Councillors within that is a key component of achieving our vision and success – working with our leadership and all of our staff, providing oversight, challenge and support. Through this, we aim to ensure that each school within the Trust, and REMAT overall, upholds the highest standards and delivers the best to each and every child.

Our Local Academy Councils know their schools well and provide Trustees with an independent local voice. They combine a passion to make a difference, with common sense, and a unique perspective. This means their challenge and support compliments how the Board holds schools to account. 

The remit of the Local Academy Councils is set out in the Terms of Reference and Scheme of Delegation.