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Our Strategic Priorities

Our performance is underpinned by a set of beliefs which are rooted in our outstanding classroom practice. The progress of each and every child is of utmost importance to us. We believe that:

  • every lesson is a language lesson - we take every opportunity to develop the vocabulary of all of our children regardless of their age and stage; only with practice will our students achieve high levels in writing and wherever possible, we write meaningfully across the curriculum
  • all children have the right to be fluent mathematicians with no child left behind - we follow a mastery approach to teaching mathematics in all of our schools
  • in order for children to be truly creative, they must first follow a structure and be taught how to accomplish something; all children can achieve if limits aren’t placed on them; first-hand experience is essential - we seize every opportunity to provide our children with a wide range of experiences to enrich their lives
  • we are a learning community that values action research - we look at what is best for our children in our environment, while also basing our methods on the most cutting-edge international pedagogical research
  • all schools have strengths and are very eager to learn from good and outstanding schools to expand the MAT offer - we pay close attention to feedback in order to change our methods as needed to fit the context of the school
  • all staff should be valued - we ‘grow our own’ where possible and prioritise a healthy work life balance; marking and planning should be meaningful and take place only if they enhance the child’s learning.

These are our strategic priorities for the next three years:


These are our Key Performance Indicators: