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Staff Benefits and Wellbeing

We believe that learning is a continuous journey, and we pride ourselves in our proven track record of developing staff members. Our workforce makes all the difference. We invest heavily in continuing professional development, talent management and retention of our excellent staff. We have numerous examples of where staff have progressed in their careers during their time at the Rainbow Education Multi-Academy Trust.

Our staff benefit from:

  • Headteacher support; individual and as part of a small group of like-minded professionals
  • Guidance in all areas of the curriculum and assessment, including materials and training on their use
  • Support and challenge through regular support from experienced, highly-skilled staff
  • Quality teaching and learning CPD
  • Proven methods for effective behaviour management
  • Effective staff development through staff meetings and INSET
  • Collaborative learning between schools
  • Support for administration structures and systems
  • Supervision, advice and support
  • Computing support and development
  • Headteacher appraisals and supervision
  • Governance (Local Academy Council) support
  • Support through inspections Ofsted/SIAMs